An Unforeseen turn of events: The Coronavirus Pandemic

How it All Started for me

After completing my online classes for the day, I stood on my balcony to get rid of the eye strain. I was then hit by a refreshing wave of pure air. Things had changed. The streets which were once filled with honking vehicles had now become deserted. The pleasant singing of birds which was lost in the noisy atmosphere created by us humans had now resurfaced. The air had improved its quality. All together nature had started healing herself.

On the eve of this new year, I recalled all the good and bad memories of the past year and said goodbye to it. I welcomed the new year with great enthusiasm and happiness. I was stepping into the last grade of my primary education. I expected a wonderful end to it – A healthy academic competition, a challenging sports day, an outstanding annual day, and beautiful graduation.

Reading the news has always been a part of my daily routine. Last year, in the month of December, I remember reading about a new disease that broke out in Wuhan, China. Little did I expect that this very disease would bring the world to a standstill. As you might have guessed, I am referring to the coronavirus. This disease was declared a pandemic in the early months of 2020, inexplicably forcing most countries the world over to impose lockdowns.

Maybe it Wasn’t all Bad


With the growing darkness of COVID-19 engulfing the entire world, forcing people to stay home, silencing the busiest places of the world with a wave of fear and death, one might argue that the situation was as dire as they come. But when it comes to environmental concerns, the pandemic just might be the ray of hope the world needed.

We human beings often forget that we are largely dependent on Mother Nature and have become negligent in taking care of it. We have become so reluctant in preserving natural resources and promoting sustainable development that we have forgotten the beauty of the Earth completely.

The lockdown imposed throughout the world has struck a chord in every one of us and it has made us think about how nature is so important for our day-to-day living. The tangible improvements in nature have made us believe that the Earth can be saved.
Improvements in air and water quality were observed. Critically endangered species began to be spotted more often again. It is unfortunate that such a pandemic that has claimed millions of lives is bringing such a positive change in the environment when we should have taken action ages ago which would have prevented such incidents from taking place in the first place.

All the Lessons I’ve Learnt


Four months into the lockdown, staying at home had transformed into a compulsion rather than a desire. Life had become too monotonous. Following the same routine, every day seemed no less than what a robot’s life would be like. Interestingly, the pandemic introduced me to various terminologies that are being used in relation to COVID-19 and its preventive measures. ‘Quarantine’, ‘isolation’, and ‘self-isolation’ were a few words that I learned.

The pandemic has brought nations together to fight the pandemic as a global community. The countless stories of humanity and generosity of the volunteers distributing meals, essentials, and medical supplies to the needy and poor are awe-inspiring.

The precautionary measures of staying home and social distancing have allowed us to transcend ourselves from thinking of words like ‘I,’ or ‘Me’, to ‘We’ and ‘Us’. Sooner rather than later, we have understood the power of togetherness. This really motivates me to help others up to the best of my ability in whatever way possible.

I am sure everyone would agree with this — The lockdown has also made us appreciate our parents, who tirelessly work day and night to fulfill our demands and never complain. Spending more time with them gave us an opportunity to understand them and to learn what quality time is.

Things Need to Change


Understandably though, the impacts of the pandemic have brought high levels of anxiety and uncertainty. A rise in unemployment, a sharp downturn in economic activity, and the tremendous pressure on healthcare facilities are some of the impacts that need to be addressed.

Globally, health care systems are constantly looking at ways through which they can adapt to the various needs that need to be met.

According to my understanding, preventing the spread and reducing the intensity of the impact is not an insurmountable problem. We will have to adopt good preventive measures to make things work.

Wrapping it up

All my expectations of a new year and that of a final year at college seem to be an impossible dream at the moment. But it doesn’t stop me from hoping. A caterpillar must endure a season of isolation before it turns into a beautiful butterfly. We need to embrace this time of isolation; it will only make us stronger.

We may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. Fighting every day against the pandemic will surely lead us to victory. Being resilient is important. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever. Let us have faith and hope to be out of this situation as soon as possible for we all are dreamers and have dreams that need to be fulfilled.

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