Sekulu Nyekha

Founder, Director of Operations

Sekulu Nyekha is a 21 year old young advocate of sexual health, gender based issues and disability rights. As a storyteller, she has faith in using storytelling as a way of creating "positive disruption". She is a Youth Champion to ICFP 2018, winner of 120 under 40 New Generation of Family Planning Leaders, and has been featured as a young advocate of reproductive health by UN Foundation. Our Young Voices is her dream project and she looks forward to "engaging with young people to design inclusive solutions."

Shahrain K M

Co-Founder, Social Media Geek

Shahrain K M is a writer and social media manager. She is an ardent reader whose wanderlust keeps her driven. A strong advocate of those voices that are rarely given an ear, she hopes to make a difference by whatever means she can.

Isra Shaikh

Experience Narrator

Isra Shaikh (aka Corvus) is a moody artist whose ultimate goal is to wear a parachute to college on Ethnic Day, as she fails to identify as an individual from a specific ethnicity. Apart from her love for good chicken, and varying androgynous phases, Corvus' passion lies in video gaming. She also aims to convert her living space into an animal sanctuary someday.

Kodhai Narayanan

Visual Artist

Kodhai is a self taught artist who loves experimenting with watercolors. She loves her cozy corner at home and believes that she can do a lot just from there (because that's where she's most happy). She hates being told she can't do something and will strive hard to prove a point even if that means she needs to do math.

Amulya PM

Story Telling Designer

Amulya is a writer who makes up for her shoddy memory by putting moments into words. She has an unhealthy obsession with pigs, books and coffee and believes that conversation is key to changing the world.

Atal Pamo

Visual Artist

Atal Pamo is a 22-year-old pursuing her masters in psychological counselling. She enjoys visually manipulating photos and videos and using it as a medium to share her perspective of everything. She also loves to focus on the details of everything a little too much. Atal believes that whatever there is to know, it’s out there in nature and within us as well.

Valigiri Sreenija

Motion Designer

Valigiri Sreenija finds her passion leaning towards motion (visuals) and storytelling. A one of a kind aspiring filmmaker who is on her strive to make her mark.

Prarthana Prabhu

Motion Designer

Prarthana Prabhu is a big-time foodie to the point that even dieting has to be done with 'yummy' food. She is a hardcore adventurer and dreams of taking thrilling rides to different places all over the world. Belly dancing keeps her sane as much as food does. And it is her passion for visual art that grounds her.