The increasing threat of the Covid-19 pandemic drove Our Young Voices to bring forth HEAL, an e-counselling and solution-based forum that was kick-started in April this year. 

Heal often holds webinar discussions in association with mental health consultants and communities. Diverse topics are part of the discourses and keynote speakers make sure to offer evidence-based information. 

Recently, we have taken to encourage people to share their experiences of mental health dilemmas – be it mood disorders, anxieties, fears, disturbed relationships with parents/partners/children, and so on which we post on our social media pages. 

By sharing such real-life experiences and possible coping strategies, you are voicing out your concerns, and at the same time, you have an agency to listen to you. It helps to spread awareness and consolation to many others as well. 

Normalising our feelings over stressful and demotivating events of life could have repercussions. Instead, let us try to acknowledge and deal with them. Remember – mental health is not a privilege, it is one’s right.

If you are facing difficulties pertaining to mental health, feel free to reach out to HEAL via phone calls and/or email. Our certified mental health consultants will guide you through voice/video/mail sessions on online platforms.

At OYV’s primary LGBTQIA+ community, Prism, we collectively aim to illuminate our perceptions and broaden our horizons.

There is so much stigma yet to be dispelled, so much awareness that still needs to spread, so many initiatives and incentives yet to reach the affected.

Prism aims to lend that extra hand- we collect closeted stories, stories from the rainbows that have previously been left voiceless, and give a platform to freely express sexuality and identity.

Prism’s journey started with a collaboration of visual experiences by the diverse community, which set the stones for queer counselling and queer forums.

Because we believe that love should never have any stereotype attached, we strive to grow and echo with this global cause.

With light, you’ll see there is more than black and white 🙂

Our Young Voices’ Period Poverty Project aims at addressing the issue of period poverty as:

  • The lack of access to menstrual knowledge.
  • The lack of access to menstrual products.
  • The lack of access to knowledge on sustainable menstruation.

When did it come into being?

Work to launch the project started in January 2020. However, it was only in June 2020 that the community ran its first campaign through a collective initiated by ‘Serendip Guardians’ (an NGO based in Nagaland). 

The campaign lasted for 3 months where it sought to tackle the issue of period poverty during a pandemic by serving 7000 womxn in Nagaland with menstrual products.

What is happening right now?

The community is currently running a campaign called ‘Green Period Project’ which is an initiative of ‘The Bloody Feminist’ in collaboration with various organizations. The campaign aims at imparting knowledge on menstruation and providing sustainable menstrual products to marginalized womxn in Kalimpong and Dimapur. The campaign also targets womxn in urban cities to switch to a sustainable menstrual product by guiding them through support groups and facilitated sessions.

As a collective, we believe that true freedom comes from body autonomy and knowledge.