Atal’s Story

I realised recently that our tutor used to touch my body. It happened when I was in the 4th standard. He used to put his hand under my shirt and touch me everywhere. He used to do it in front of everyone and I think nobody realised that it was bad to touch.

Then two years later, I was on a night bus with my sister and my mom. The bus was empty so my mum went to the seats at the back to get sleep properly, as a result, I was left by myself. 

At one point in the night, something woke me up. It was the hand of the guy who was sitting in front of me. He was touching my lower parts and rubbing it. I tried to hit him, but he persisted. I then grabbed his hand and tried pinching it. 

He stopped for a bit. Which is when I covered myself with a shawl and tried to get a peek at what he is doing. I still remember that moment vividly.  He had set Sai Baba as his wallpaper and was opening folder after folder to watch porn. 

Once he was done watching, he tried to bring his hand back to my torso. It went on for a few hours. I was wide awake the entire time. I didn’t ask for any help because everyone was sleeping. This incident happened before I got my period.

It happened again in Bangalore right after my psychology practicals. I was going back to my PG and I wasn’t showing any skin. I felt like someone was staring at me from a corner so I looked up to find a guy masturbating and signalling me (essentially asking me if I want to go with him). I ignored him and left. I was scared that he would follow me, but he didn’t. I just walked straight back home.

Then again, during our exam break, I was in Atta Galata and was getting back home. This incident also occurred on the same path. It saddens me the most. They were 3 teenagers on a bike. They grabbed my boobs and sped away. I couldn’t see the bike number because it was dark.

— A few weeks back our team had reached out to people within and outside of our community to share their experiences of abuse. This story is a result of that.

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